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Imagine you have a space with name General Tips that have space key GETI. You want to target all children pages of page confluence tips. You want to add label conftips to all pages that were created by user Bob, and liked by user Alice, because they are confluence experts in your team.

Creating rules and conditions

Condition BobPages

First we create conditions. First condition will target pages creations events. We create condition with name bobPages that will filter out pages created by user Bob. This is how filled add condition form looks like:

Notice that Event Count field is greyed out because you can create page only once and therefor this field will be automatically set to 1.

Also field Group is greyed out since we are filling field bob.

Condition bobPages is saved to database with click on Submit button. It will be shown in the table below Add Condition Form like this:

Condition aliceLike

Now we create second condition aliceLike. We want to target page likes given by Alice. This is how we fill the form:

Notice that Event Count field is greyed out.  Now it is because specific user can only give like once to a page.

The All Conditions table now looks like this:

Rule bobsAndAliceConfTips

Now we will create rule for space General tips (space key GETI) that will add label conftips to all pages created by bob and liked by alice and these pages are children of page confluence tips. This is how filled Add Rule form looks like:

Notice that Space Scope is automatically set to Concrete Space and cannot be changed.

The All Rules table now looks like this:


Now when some user will search for confluence tips via search bar he or she can filter out these pages by label conftips.

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